Big hands. Big feet.

Dear Lord, so sweet.


mmm… cookies!

…Did they just glue a picture of Obama onto those cookies?  LOL!  Kind of sad, but still….an upgrade.  A very sexy upgrade.

one man.  two colors.  much sexy.

he also wanted you to have some cupcakes.  nice guy, no?

obama’s butt.

Because we haven’t seen anywhere near enough of it yet.


obama girl vs guliani girl

come on, be serious.  there is no guliani girl.  at the very least, this is not the guliani girl.  guliani doesn’t even like black people.

obama girl can’t seem to hit the right notes, but she certainly has the right idea.  we’re with you!

Madame Tussaud can officially say that she has.

that must be the tastiest wax ever.